Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need prior experience?

PunchCode does not require its participants to have any prior experience writing code. However, should you decide to attend our bootcamp, you will be required to complete about 20 hours of online pre-work intended to let us hit the ground running on day one. In addition, it would be advantageous for you to learn beginner-level programming on a platform such as Codecademy or CodeSchool.

Will I need a computer?

If you don’t already own one, PunchCode will provide a MacBook for the duration of the class, at no additional cost to you.

Why shouldn’t I learn to code online?

Online resources are a great way to build yourself a solid foundation in beginner-level code. However, becoming a software engineer means more than just language proficiency. At PunchCode, you’ll get hands-on instruction from Sr. Engineers. You’ll get experience working on real-world projects with a team of other software engineers. Even if you end up working from home, you’ll most likely be part of a team. It’s important that you know how teams build projects together. You’ll also be plugged into the tech community of Las Vegas, be introduced to advisory board members, and meet founders of companies and influential software engineers that are a part of that network. That’s how jobs are obtained. You can’t get that with an online course.

What options are available to help me pay for tuition?

Yes. After applying to PunchCode, ask our admissions team about loan options with our financing partners. We recently added an income share agreement in addition to traditional loans. Grants and scholarships are also available to qualified participants.

Are classes in-person or online?

PunchCode classes take place in-person at two Las Vegas, Nevada campus locations. Participants are required to follow our COVID safety guidelines that include proof of vaccination, face masks, and social distancing.

Is PunchCode for-profit or a non-profit organization?

PunchCode is a program by Tech Impact, Inc which is a non-profit company. Being a non-profit means that we can focus on providing the best education with special attention to the outcomes of our graduates. While it does cost money to operate, hence the tuition, we do not emphasize making money as part of our program but simply aim to break even.

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out an application and our admissions team will reach out to you asap.

Not sure if becoming a programmer is for you?

Come to one of our free crash courses to meet our instructors and see if you enjoy it. You can visit our meetup page to find the next crash course.