About Us

PunchCode is a coding bootcamp provided by Tech Impact. Tech Impact is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world.

Team Members


Originally from Oakland, CA, Leslie Estrada brings over 20 years of leadership experience to the Tech Impact team. Driven by IT education and pathways to careers, Leslie takes pride in providing a supportive environment where students can successfully accomplish their professional goals. Leslie earned a master’s degree in public policy and administration from California State University, Long Beach.


Thomas Shannon has been coding for 5 years, working for various startups. Having been a bootcamp graduate himself, he knows personally what is like to take such a life-changing decision. Outside of coding, he enjoys rock climbing, playing piano, and is currently learning how to draw and do illustrations.


Teya worked as a barista and a dance teacher before deciding she needed to make a career change. She is a PunchCode alum with experience working as a developer at a startup company, and is excited to be rejoining PunchCode as an assistant instructor. For fun, she enjoys taking cooking classes, dance classes, and making art.

About Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board members are an extension of our team. We rely on these industry leaders to keep us informed about hiring needs, to help shape our curriculum, and to prepare our graduates for the realities of working in tech. PunchCode Advisory Board members give our students the opportunity to be competitive for great jobs in the tech industry.